Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are or what makes you a unique individual? Ever wonder why you think and feel the way you do or why you sometimes act as you do?  Do you wonder why you struggle with certain things or why you are more motivated towards some things but not for others?

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Just as our DNA determines our unique physical characteristics, so does it also generate our unique individual personalities. All human beings share the same basic 16 motives that drive every decision and action we make but each person prioritizes and emphasizes them uniquely, which shapes our individual personality and which drives our behavior.

A Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP) generates a scientifically-validated profile of your personality that is as unique to you as your fingerprints and reveals profound insights into your genetically-driven motives that shows precisely, as an individual, what makes you tick.

There is no better way to “know thyself” than through the RMP which yields profound insight to every area of your life and guides you to make better choices resulting in improved outcomes. The RMP will intensify your willpower, reduce your internal struggles, and make you far more effective at dealing with others.

*  Clearly identifying your most powerful motivational drivers allows you to tap into your natural generators of energy; strengthening the very core of your will.  Insights gained through your RMP promotes your ability to make “tactical use” of your inner drives with motivating triggers to intensify your willpower when you need it.

*  Struggles with self-motivation come largely from not knowing how our 16 basic motives are arranged and how they subconsciously drive us to behave in ways in which we don’t understand or can’t seem to control.  Understanding the cycle of your inner drives reveals your “blind spots” and reduces your internal struggles with hard-to-control behaviors.

*  When you understand how your genetically-inspired desires are arranged and how they drive your behavior, your RMP helps you understand why others behave as they do which makes you more effective at dealing with others, reduces friction or conflict, and leads to improved relationships.

The Reiss Motivation Profile® is a convenient online multiple-choice questionnaire that takes about 15 minutes and produces a one-page easy-to-read graphic, a detailed report explaining your results (no jargon), and a personal consultation with Tom Sotis, a certified Reiss Profile® Master (in-person or online).
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