Tom Sotis, Motivation Analyst

For the last 25 years, Tom has been a personal combat instructor who has earned world-renowned acclaim for his unique theories and coaching method. Having taught over 1000 seminars in more than 20 countries, Tom feels fortunate to live out his lifelong dream of traveling to new places and interacting with people from all walks of life.

Tom is highly motivated in his pursuit of knowledge, particularly as it pertains to human performance and coaching, which led him to become a certified Reiss Motivation Profile® Master.  Now, along with his work as a high-performance sports coach, Tom enjoys meeting new people and helping them discover personal insight through motivation analysis.


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From 1969 to present day, Tom continues his lifetime of uninterrupted martial and combatives training. With serious dedication, Tom became an Instructor of Chinese Kuntao, a Fifth Degree Black Belt in Kenpo, was recognized as Master Instructor of the Year by the United Intl Kung-Fu Hall of Fame, and he received the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame. 

In 1981, Tom was a Fugitive Recovery Agent, Criminal Investigator, and Field Supervisor of 30+ agents who provided anti-theft security for 175 stores for the Safeway Supermarket Corporation in Los Angeles, CA. He returned to New England and continued criminal investigations for 10 more years. In 1992, Tom founded the International Blade Fighters Guild (now called AMOK!) dedicated to the research and development of edged weapon methods. During this period, Tom began studying firewalking with John Ebert.

One of the first Americans to travel deep inside Russia, in 1994 Tom was the first American private contractor to train the famed Spetsnaz Counter-Terrorism teams, as well as personnel from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Russian Criminal Investigation Division Homicide & Major Crimes, and numerous other units. Tom was recognized as an honorary member of the famed Red Berets, appointed Special Advisor to the Ministry, and honorary Chief Instructor of the CID/HMC division

Several times Tom traveled to the Philippines to train with blademasters and WWII veterans who fought with their blades. Tom was the first non-Filipino adopted into the Dogeaters Warrior Tribe, and to have his knife system recognized by the Bacolod Negros Arnis-Kali Escrima Federation. With dedicated training and study, Tom also earned recognition for excellence in six traditional Filipino Martial Arts.

In South Africa, the murder-by-stabbing capitol of the world, Tom’s methodology has become synonymous with edged weapons among military, police, security services, executive protection, and martial arts organizations. Tom always enjoyed training in the day and then going on patrol with high-speed reaction teams at night and responding to high crimes in progress. Touring the entire width and breadth of the country, Tom has taught in Phalaborwa, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, and Capetown.

Tom traveled to New Zealand training New Zealand Corrections Teams and developed a substantial following in Australia. Mexico is another violent country where Tom has done a fair amount of work. First visiting to train martial arts organizations, soon Tom was training Prison Guards and Corrections personnel too. After a number of trips, Tom developed an instructor who developed a substantial following.

Europe and Scandinavia are regions where Tom travels regularly. The Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Germany, Portugal, the UK, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway are some of the countries that enjoy a solid following of Tom’s method. Besides martial arts organizations, he has worked with Norwegian Law Enforcement, Spanish Police, Swedish Law Enforcement, Danish Police, and the Hellenic Coast Guard.

Southeast Asia is another region where Tom has worked for many years, the majority of which was in Thailand where he has taught fifteen training camps since 2001. Tom has also worked with Cambodian Special Forces and the country’s largest security force.

For over 20 years, Tom has worked with numerous US government agencies, military teams, and various levels of law enforcement agents and officers. This list includes, but is not limited to, US Special Forces, US Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Massachusetts State Police, numerous Municipal police departments, Corrections officers and Corrections Special Response Teams.