Why do we like sports? Why do we enjoy some sports more than others? Why does our performance vary? Why are we sometimes motivated more than other times? Why do we sometimes choke? Why do we play better against some opponents or teams?

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The answers to these questions and much more are revealed when an athlete better understand the roots of their motivation. Reiss Sports Motivation Profiles® (RSMP) is being used in sports coaching with both professional and Olympic teams to identify an athlete’s deepest held values and desires that motivate them, which helps to diagnose the cause of both high and low-performance issues with remarkable accuracy.

Athletes each have 16 basic motives that exist simultaneously and how we prioritize and emphasize them is what makes us individuals. Knowing exactly how your 16 motives are arranged gives you a substantial edge in developing your athletic potential. Whether you are a weekend warrior or professional athlete, everyone wants to improve their performance and getting your personal profile is a major step towards that goal.

You get a comprehensive, confidential assessment of your athletic personality that helps you understand:

  • How to elevate your performance and play more consistently
  • How to improve interactions with your teammates, opponents, and referees
  • How to better control your emotions and solidify your will
  • How to improve yourself as a team player
  • How to better support your team members.
  • How to boost your motivation during critical moments of competition and stress
  • Know your athletic tendencies under stress, so you can anticipate these and improve

Your profile includes a one-page easy-to-read graphic, a detailed report explaining your results, and a personal consultation (in-person or online) with Tom Sotis, who is a high-performance coach and certified Reiss Profile® Master.


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