Reiss Motivation Profile® for Business

Whether you are a small business owner or an executive of a large firm, the Reiss Business Motivation Profile® (RBMP) delivers effective results in the areas of company culture, candidate recruitment, leadership effectiveness, conflict resolution, team synergy, stress reduction, wellness, and employee loyalty.

The RBMP outperforms popular personality tests that merely stereotype How people behave, (like MBTI, DiSC, StrengthFinder, and many others), Reiss Profiling is scientifically-derived and validated, and explains Why people behave as they do, which provides the most accurate means of predicting their future behavior.

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Company Culture
A company’s culture is a reflection of the values held by its leaders which become a driving force of its operation. The wisdom acquired from deeper personal insight creates more powerful leaders who can better achieve their aim and drive their companies to greater success. Particularly useful, the RBMP reveals our “blind spots”, which are motives that inhibit our success that we don’t recognize in ourselves.

Candidate Recruitment
That prospective personnel are the right fit for your company’s culture is as important, sometimes more important, than previous job experience. Unlike other personality assessments that merely categorize people, which can be helpful, with an RBMP you can reliably identify the missing piece in recruitment: the motivation of an individual, which provides the most accurate means of predicting their future behavior.

Leadership Effectiveness
We are driven by those things that we desire and value most, and as leaders, naturally, we attempt to motivate others in ways that we are personally motivated. But this can be the reason for many conflicts, misunderstandings, and ineffective leadership simply because others are not motivated exactly as we are. Armed with RBMP, leaders achieve far better results when we motivate others according to that person’s individual drivers, rather than our own.

Conflict Resolution
When each team member knows each others’ key motives, they understand WHY other people behave the way they do which leads to improved communication and productivity. When team members don’t agree but understand why the other person disagrees, they typically don’t take it so personally and are able to work through differences more effectively.

Team Synergy
When team members understand each others’ motives and work habits, they know better what to expect from each other, where their strengths lie, and how together as a team they can more efficiently accomplish their goal. The insight provided by the RBMP is a powerful tool in developing the kind of team synergy that gets things done excellently.

Stress Reduction
Leaders and managers, armed with the insights of RBMP better manage their own stress and are more effective at managing stress in their teams which positively impacts sick-leaves and burnouts.

To their credit, many businesses have established a wellness program, some with complete gym facilities, nutritionists, and personal trainers. While many people want to be in better health, most struggle with the self-motivation required for any program to benefit them. People armed with their profile better understand themselves, and their cravings, which gets to the very root of their behaviors and makes it easier to make the choices that result in better outcomes.

Employee Loyalty
When everybody is understood the way they are; real changes can happen. When people better understand one another, their relationships are strengthened. When personnel sees the company wants them to truly be happy, they feel valued which inspires loyalty and positive regard for their leaders.

Fast and Easy
Personnel each fills out the online questionnaire (about 15 minutes) that produces a one-page visual and a personal report, accompanied by an in-person or online discussion with Tom Sotis, a certified Reiss Motivation Profile® Master, and professional high-performance sports coach. Options provide for private evaluations, or managers and staff may receive the assessment together, or management may opt for a group discussion.