What people are saying about getting their profile.

I was very impressed with the accuracy of the feedback and the in-depth understanding Tom gave me on what it means and what to focus on to get much more out of me for my business. Thank You, Tom. I would recommend you and your work any day! – Ian Jansen van Rensburg, Mental Coach, South Africa.

I feel like I have just “leveled up” and gained access to a whole new section of self-awareness that I didn’t know existed. Very insightful and worthwhile information that’s helps me understand myself a lot better! Thanks, Tom. – Paul Tsiavlis, Small Business Owner, Australia

How my personality is shaped and how it plays out in relationships gives me a whole new perspective on being me and interacting with others. Getting my profile is already improving my approach to teaching. – David Elliott, Martial Arts Instructor, Hawaii

“ I was surprised that I completely recognized “myself” in the profile. That has never happened with other tests. The feedback discussion with Tom Sotis underlined my individuality fully. I must say that I was quite impressed with how accurate the results of the assessments were. And very enlightening. I knew those results intrinsically, but it wasn’t until the results of this assessment were presented to me that I was able to actually see the areas in which I feel that I need to strengthen within my professional abilities. And seeing graphically where I fall within each category, and where others close to me in my life may fit into those categories differently was like a light bulb flashing on for me. It definitely provided me with great insight to move forward with my life more effectively. Thank you very much Tom! 100% recommended.”
Ole Bruch – Hamburg / Germany

Every fighter should be training their motivational tactics too. After all, that’s where the real fight is.  – Shaun Alden Shubert, Fighter/Coach, USA

With fighter’s profiles available, now coaches don’t have to be a psychologist to more effectively motivate their fighters. – Shawn Graham, Fight Coach, USA

Since I got my profile, I can see myself more clearly and it has really helped me to understand and relate to others more effectively. – Ruth Thetonia, Real Estate Broker, USA.  

“I found the whole process fascinating. I have done so many other business-related tests such as Mayer-Briggs and others over the years, but nothing was really actionable and mostly lacked depth.  The Reiss Profile is much more useful and thought-provoking.  Since it addresses the deep motivators in your personality the insights gained were both interesting and extremely useful.  I found it explained a lot of the reasons behind choices I make and allows me to decide which of them I go with or which I should think more about. It also does an amazing job of underlining where breaks in communications can come from at a fundamental level.  I will be running my IT team through the process soon too.  In fact, I found it so interesting, I also took the Sport related test just to see the results.”
– Joe Howard, IT Executive, USA.

“By doing the Reiss Motivation Profile, I got a clearer insight on my basic desires and what drives me in my daily life! For me it not only gave me a clearer view on my choices and actions (past and present) in sports, but definitely also in other parts like work and family. I’ve always been curious why I make/made certain decisions in life, was successful in certain areas, but ran into obstacles on other parts. By looking at my profile, it helps me to better understand myself. I would definitely recommend anybody to create your profile by Tom Sotis!”
– Michael Woudstra, Technical Consultant, Netherlands.

“As an athlete, getting to know yourself and your motivators is key in gaining consistency and quality in training. How you train sets you apart and allows success not only in your sport but in all other areas of life. Tom’s profile gave me specific information that strengthened not only my fight game but allowed me to develop stronger connections in my professional and personal life as well. ‘Knowledge isn’t power until it is applied’.” – Heather GageWest, Kickboxer, USA.

Morne Swanepoel, Fight Coach, South Africa.