We do we fight? Why do we subject ourselves to the demands of training and fighting? Why do we fight better against some opponents than others? Why do we take the pain? Why do we want to win and why are we willing to risk losing?  Why do we love it so much?

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Fighters know the toughest fight is within our own heart and mind. The will to win is common; the will to prepare is rare. Facing ourselves presents mental challenges that cause every fighter to reflect on precisely what drives us.  Reiss Motivation Profiles® show that fighters each have 16 basic motives that exist simultaneously and how we prioritize and emphasize them is what makes us individuals. Knowing exactly how your 16 motives are arranged gives you a substantial edge in developing your fighting potential. 

Fighters armed with their personal Reiss Motivation Profile® gain the benefit of powerful insight into their inner motives. Whether you are an amateur or professional fighter, everyone wants to improve their performance and getting your personal motivation profile is a major step towards that goal. Your individual Reiss Sports Motivation Profile explains in remarkable detail what motivates you, as a unique individual, with a personal profile as unique as your fingerprints, and shows: 

  • Why you love to fight.
  • What drives you to train so hard.
  • Why you are willing to take the pain.
  • Why your performance varies.
  • Why you want to win (beyond obvious reasons).
  • Why you fight better against some types of opponents than others.
  • Why you sometimes feel unshakable and other times not.
  • Why you sometimes take coaching criticism personally.
  • Why your feelings toward the referee can affect your performance.
  • Why you work better with some practice partners than others.

You will receive a one-page visual graphic, a detailed report explaining your results, and a consultation with Tom Sotis (in person or online), a certified Reiss Motivation Profile® Master. You will receive the same sports-specific report as athletes and because in addition to being a high-performance sports coach, Tom began fight training in 1969, was the 1980 WPKO World Kickboxing Champion, is presently the world’s leading coach for knife combat, he will be able to give you specific insights as to how your profile relates to fighting and what it means to be a fighter. 


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