Motivation Analysis for Security

Motivation Analysis for Security (MAS) utilizes the Reiss Motivation Profile® and sets a new standard for behavior assessment and prediction tools that renders all other models virtually obsolete. The MAS is the most powerful tool for measuring a person’s suitability for any security-related position and is the best tool for predicting behavior.

Unlike common science-based tools that inaccurately categorize and lump the whole of humanity into “types” (i.e., Myers-Briggs, DiSC, Strengthfinder, etc), MAS is the first scientifically-validated method designed to manage the entire range of human individuality providing for over 3 billion various outcomes and generating personalized reports as unique as a person’s fingerprints.

More significantly, other behavioral assessment tools merely assess How people behave as they do, whereas MAS explains Why people behave as they do which is a far more powerful and accurate predictor of behavior. The MAS assesses how we prioritize and emphasize our 16 basic motivators, that which makes us unique individuals, and reveals the underlying motives behind our every decision and action.

Intel for Decision-Makers

The MAS provides decision-makers with remarkably accurate and vital information about a person’s motivations, values, goals, and behavior that reveals otherwise-unseen facets of their character and personality. This aids considerably in deciding which positions the person will tend to perform best and, in reverse, allows decision-makers to decide which qualities are most important for a particular position and to select candidates whose profile matches the favored criteria.

The MAS measures one’s tendency to be trustworthy and loyal, their degree of self-confidence, if they tend to keep their composure under stress, and how they tend to conduct themselvesThe MAS will measure their tendencies in temperament in dealing with others, their commitment to the job, their ability to interact well socially, and their sense of practicalityThe MAS measures if they tend to be organized and prepared, whether they prefer doing to thinking, and the degree of autonomy with which they tend to perform best. The MAS measures how important is their work environment, their priorities of work/life balance, how much physical activity they prefer, and whether they tend to have healthy eating habits.

Resume’s and past performance can often be a poor indicator of how someone will function in a new environment or under different circumstances and the MAS gives decision-makers vital indicators to make those decisions.

High Security

For personnel of US and foreign government, defense, intelligence, military, and law enforcement agencies.

For private contractors and consultants of government, defense, intelligence, military, and law enforcement agencies.

For private political contractors, kidnap & ransom contractors, and cyber-security contractors.

Corporate Security

For airlines, cruise lines, resorts, amusement & theme parks, hotels, hospitals, banks, and jewelry companies.

For concerts & entertainment venues, sports teams & stadiums, casinos & gaming, business conventions, and media events.

For in-home deliveries, services, installers, and caretakers for children, elderly, or special needs.

Armed Security

For armed uniformed security, armed plainclothes security, armored car couriers, armed couriers, bank and vault security.

For corporate security, security consultants and investigators, private investigators and private undercover agents.

For private couriers, personal protectors, fugitive recovery agents, and private police departments.

Unarmed Security

For unarmed uniformed security, loss prevention officers and investigators, mystery shoppers, and nightclub security.

For alarm system installers and monitors, alarm inspectors, locksmiths, and safe and vault technicians.

For staff: janitorial, office, service, vendors, technicians, inspectors, reception, monitors, and screeners.

About the Test

The convenient online test has 128 multiple-choice questions using everyday words and takes about 20 minutes to complete. The test can be taken anonymously to preserve personal privacy where only the requesting party will know the identity of the person in the report.

The report consists of a one-page graphic illustration of the person’s profile for easy reference and a detailed report with further comments (no jargon) on any behaviors outside of the normal range that may positively or negatively impact job performance. Typically furnished within one business day of the test completion, we will always do our best to perform a faster turn-around time by special request. Example Report Here