Why can it be so hard to eat better? Why do so many of us dislike exercising? Why do we regain weight after losing it? Why do we drop out of nutrition or exercise programs? Why do we even struggle to make better choices? Why does self-motivation elude us? 

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Not knowing why we behave or feel as we do is often the biggest obstacle in gaining control over those behaviors or feelings. The inner struggles we face with self-motivation become easier when we understand why we have them.  Each of us has 16 basic genetically-inspired motives that exist simultaneously and how we prioritize and emphasize them is what makes us individuals. Knowing precisely how your 16 motives are arranged gives you a substantial edge in managing your internal drivers. 

A Reiss Motivation Profile® explains in remarkable detail what motivates you, as a unique individual, with a personal profile as unique as your fingerprints, and explains:

  • Why your choices in nutrition are what they are – and when you know why it becomes easier to choose healthier foods. 
  • Why your level of physical activity is what it is – and when you know why it becomes easier to initiate physical activity. 
  • How your desire to eat and exercise reasserts itself. When you know how it cycles, you can better control your response to it.
  • How feel-based happiness often drives hard-to-control behaviors (struggling with choices) while value-based happiness drives in-control behaviors (not struggling with choices).

It is an enormous advantage to understand how your individual nutrition and activity choices are genetically-inspired and how to better manage your behaviors in response to them to achieve better outcomes. This alone can significantly boost your motivation and firm your resolve – and it only consists of identifying 2 of your 16 drivers – imagine how powerful it will be when you know how ALL 16 of your drivers are working in concert!

There are many excellent health and fitness programs readily available to guide you in HOW to achieve your personal goals, and starting with your individual Reiss Motivation Profile® to empower your WHY gives you a much better chance of succeeding and since your profile remains stable, you only need to get it once and it works for you every day for the rest of your life.

Your profile includes a one-page easy-to-read graphic, a detailed report explaining your results, and a confidential consultation with Tom Sotis, a certified Reiss Profile® Master (in-person or online).

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